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Marlene Schwartz

Marlene Schwartz

Rio Grande, NJ


Marlene Schwartz has lived in Cape May County, New Jersey, since 1991, and she states, �My art is definitely influenced by my love of the area.�

Ms. Schwartz, who grew up in northern New Jersey, has been an artist since early childhood. From the start, she never confined herself to one medium, working in pastels, pen & ink, oils, and watercolors.

Around 1978, Ms. Schwartz began experiencing symptoms that were diagnosed as multiple sclerosis. This did not affect her artistic pursuits. Instead, she found that the challenge of creating art while living with a chronic disease gave her a feeling of pride and self-worth. Ms. Schwartz compensates for her MS-related symptoms such as fatigue and unsteady hands by working on smaller pieces and using rulers and other devices to assist her.

Relocating to southern New Jersey in 1991, Ms. Schwartz found new inspiration, and her paintings began to reflect her appreciation of the local flora, fauna, and architecture. She has won numerous awards, and her work has been exhibited in galleries and juried shows in Boston, New York City, and many local venues around Cape May County.

Ms. Schwartz paints in a style that combines realism with impressionism. Her award-winning pieces are available as originals as well as prints.. She also produces commissioned portraits of people, pets, and houses. She still works in different mediums, usually preferring watercolors or pastels.

�Painting, for me, is truly a gift,� says Ms. Schwartz. �When I paint, it amazes me to see the beautiful images appear almost magically as I work. That�s really what it�s all about.�



Sunny by Marlene Schwartz


The Fisher Queen by Marlene Schwartz


Sip, Sip by Marlene Schwartz


Cold Feet by Marlene Schwartz


Cape May Victorian by Marlene Schwartz


Sleepyhead by Marlene Schwartz


Country Breakfast by Marlene Schwartz


And Baby Makes Three by Marlene Schwartz


Wise Guy by Marlene Schwartz


Courage by Marlene Schwartz


Jackson Street Inn of Cape May by Marlene Schwartz


Just Ducky by Marlene Schwartz


Winter Chickadee by Marlene Schwartz


Lion and Lamb - Peace by Marlene Schwartz


The Little Sipper by Marlene Schwartz


Small Wonder by Marlene Schwartz


Snowy Hello by Marlene Schwartz


The Sandy Boat by Marlene Schwartz


Hereford Inlet Lighthouse by Marlene Schwartz


Lord of the Jungle by Marlene Schwartz


Something Blue by Marlene Schwartz


Great Expectations by Marlene Schwartz